Our facility is specifically designed to be the temporary home for your dogs. We have spacious areas including the dog park, the villa, the swimming pool, and the other ground areas; All of them to insure that your dogs have sufficient space to play. Our Special Care services give your healthy pooch the freedom to roam around our facility at all times.

Dog Categories
Small Dog(S) 0 - 10 kg
Medium Dogs (M) 10.01 - 20 kg
Large Dogs (L) 20.01 - 30 kg
Extra Large Dogs (XL) 30.01 - 40 kg
XXL Dogs (XXL) 40.01 - Above kg

For the daycare program, the dogs will have the freedom to roam the facility during their brief stay at our place.

S & M 50,000
L & XL 70,000
XXL 80,000

The daycare rates are for any unaccompanied dogs. If the dog is not picked up before our closing hour, then the hotel rates will apply accordingly.

S & M 100,000
L & XL 120,000
XXL 140,000

*Special Care Service is additional 10.000 IDR. Special Care services is for QUARANTINE, SICK DOGS, TROUBLED DOGS, DOGS IN HEAT, or any other approved special care you may request..

Please bring the required updated vaccination proof (e.g. Vaccination Book) and your own food for your poochies for the duration of their stay.